We offer a map customization service for governments and businesses.

Our maps can be customized with the name, logo and message of your institution or company to advertise and promote your activity. Imprinting can be done on any part of the map, even the cover page.

Customized to your needs, the maps can be used for promotional and business purposes, such as:
  • Information campaigns of various government departments, e.g., police, fire department, medical services, tourism office, etc.
  • Company gifts designated for tourist groups, individual travelers, or trade shows;
  • Marking of Caribbean cruise routes;
  • Magazine inserts for subscribers;
  • Sale and distribution in travel agencies, gift shops;
Our street maps, in particular, can help local businesses and government departments improve decision making and reduce operating costs.
Copyright  © 2010 - 2016 Rafal Kasprowski
Copyright © 2010 - 2016 Rafal Kasprowski